An Android Trojan that pretends as a Flash security update


A Trojan malware targeting Android smartphones is on the loose. It acts as a Adobe Flash security update, according to this ZDNet article. When you update – incidentally, it’s important that you update your apps to keep you safe from malware and virus attacks – it installs a Trojan malware that can mimic the actions of the owner of the phone and steal data.

It can take total control over the Android mobile phone and install other fraudulent malware and adware apps. It can also install ransomware that can totally hijack your mobile phone. The Trojan malware was first detected by the ESET Web Security organization.

The name of this Trojan malware is Android/TrojanDownloader.Agent.JI and it tricks its users into granting the malware special permissions in the Android accessibility menu. After that, it can mimic the user’s behavior and download other malware apps. The Trojan malware is downloaded when you visit compromised websites, usually adult video websites. But it is also being spread through social media updates.

The Trojan malware is also affecting the latest Android versions. The worrying part is, the malware urges users to update through a fake Adobe Flash player update under the pretense of a safety measure. It actually instructs people to update the Adobe Flash player for the sake of the safety of their devices.

This ESET post on the latest Trojan malware explains the entire process of how people are targeted through this malware.

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