What is an AMOLED screen?

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What is an AMOLED screen?

Wondering what is an AMOLED screen? You must have come across the term while reading specs of many smartphones these days, especially from companies like Samsung. This is not just a fancy term thrown around by smartphone companies to dazzle you with jargon. AMOLED is a pretty cool technology when it comes to giving you a nice touch screen experience. In this post you will learn what is an AMOLED screen so that the next time you visit a phone shop and have a conversation with the salesperson, you can talk to him or her with confidence about your smartphone screen preference and why you are buying a particular smartphone. This may also get you a better deal.

What is an AMOLED screen?

It is an Active Matrix OLED screen. Previously there used to be LCD screens. LCD screens use backlight to show you information. But OLED (organic light emitting diode) uses an organic compound that produces its own light. This way you can do away with the mechanism that needs to produce light and hence, focus on creating lighter and thinner devices.

The organic compound is deposited or integrated onto a thin screen. The flow of current can be controlled for each individual pixel making the display and refreshing of the information on the screen more efficient. It means the individual pixel is playing an active role in displaying you the information rather than simply letting the light pass through them. This way time lag required to first make the light pass through the pixels and then show you the information, is totally eliminated an the rendering is really fast, crisp and accurate.

Some phones these days also have Super AMOLED screens: these screens are made of the light-emitting organic compound itself rather than the compound being laid upon the screen material.

An AMOLED display gives you

  • Faster response time
  • An ability to view your screen under sunlight
  • Efficient use of battery time and hence longer battery time
  • Better video and gaming experience
  • Brighter and crisper display

There are many smartphones available these days (at the time of writing this) that use AMOLED screens. Many of the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones come with AMOLED screens. The main reason why Samsung smartphones have the AMOLED screen displays before many other smartphone majors is because Samsung manufactures the AMOLED displays and other companies need to source the screens from Samsung.

I was looking for a nice video on YouTube that explains what is an AMOLED screen but couldn’t find one. I will update this blog post when I can find a nice video.

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