Amazon will be using the MXNet framework for its artificial intelligence research and development


Almost all the major technology companies are building their own versions of artificial intelligence. They can either build their artificial intelligence and deep learning systems from scratch, or they can use pre-built platforms or frameworks. It is like, when you are using a WordPress theme platform, you have the basic code that installs the basic template and then you can start building on that. The same is the case for the MXNet deep learning framework that Amazon has chosen to carry forward its artificial intelligence development work. Amazon will be using the MXNet deep learning framework to power its Amazon Web Services business, according to this post.

Deep learning is slightly different from artificial intelligence. In deep learning the learning process happens using an algorithm and the data a machine already has. Learning happens on its own without human intervention. The more data the machine gets, the wiser it becomes. There are many deep learning frameworks available including TensorFlow from Google and CNTK from Microsoft. Most of the voice-assisted interfaces including Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant rely heavily on these deep learning platforms and frameworks.

Deep learning systems require huge amounts of data. With these humongous streams of data they can recognize and draw useful and understandable patterns, for example, faces inside photos and the intent of spoken and written words (instead of literally taking the meaning).

Through Amazon’s Web services, customers will be able to use the deep learning platform to develop their own applications artificial intelligence and deep learning applications.


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