Amazon will be facing tough competition from Oracle in the cloud infrastructure business


Providing cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a big business and every tech company worth its salt is involved in the business of providing cloud infrastructure to other companies. For example, Amazon is a big player with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure service. It is used by many businesses across the globe to store data, deliver content, and perform any business operations required. In addition, the features and cost of AWS Snowball offer even more draws for businesses to come to the service. As with anything cloud-based, there are always security concerns but this is where AWS penetration testing and vulnerability scanning becomes so important.
According to Cobalt (, “A comprehensive AWS security assessment is one of the most valuable ways to gauge the safety of your Amazon Web Services environment and address any AWS security concerns. When it comes to AWS pentesting, there are three main types: testing on the cloud, testing in the cloud, and testing the cloud console.”

However, Amaz0n is not the only tech company involved in the business of providing cloud infrastructure to other companies. In similar fashion, Microsoft has its Microsoft Azure. Then there is the Google Cloud Platform, and IBM also has its own cloud infrastructure business.

Now Oracle has launched its second generation of cloud infrastructure for third-party developers to run their applications in Oracle data centres. This was declared by Larry Ellison at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference in San Francisco.

Larry Ellison said, according to this Venture Beat update, “Amazon’s lead is over. Amazon is going to have serious competition going forward.

He added that he respects Amazon for being the “first mover” in the business of cloud infrastructure.

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