Amazon is starting its own “dabbawala” service, delivering food for the workplace

Amazon will be delivering food at the workplace
Amazon will be delivering food at the workplace

Mumbai is famous for many things and one is the dabbawala service. It is an age-old service and is one of the few services in the world that have attained the Six Sigma quality certification. It is a service that delivers food at the workplace. Amazon is about to launch the same sort of service, its own version of the dabbawala service. But the difference would be that whereas the dabbawalas deliver food from people’s homes, for example wife or mother preparing food and then sending it to her son’s or husband’s office using the dabbawala service, Amazon will be partnering with restaurants and hotels to deliver freshly-prepared lunches to people in their offices, according to this Fox Business report.

Employees will be sent daily menus using text messages in the morning and by 11 a.m. the employees will need to place an order using their Prime Now app. There will be a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. The food will be delivered around 12:30 PM. The name of the Amazon workplace for delivery service is going to be “Daily Dish”.

The “Daily Dish” service will be available first in Seattle and then it will be extended gradually to other cities.

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