Amazon has purchased a weird service that hosts videos of videogames

Videogame streaming service Twitch
Videogame streaming service Twitch

I really thought my daughter had gotten hooked onto some really stupid stuff on YouTube when she kept watching a video recording of a video game being played and a dude giving some stupid commentary. Since the video contained lots of F words and other stuff that a kid shouldn’t hear, that video was immediately banned in the household, but I had no idea that there is a website dedicated to such stupid videos, that it is a well-known website, and in fact, so well-known that Amazon has purchased it for $ 970 million in cash. The service is called Twitch, and if you can believe it, even Google was trying to purchase it but then didn’t go ahead because of some potential anti-trust issues that could come up due to the acquisition.

Actually on Twitch people play videogames as sport – gamers play and viewers watch. For game fans this might be exciting and I can understand why in certain quarters this platform is a hit and why various companies were vying to purchase it. The videogame video hosting website has more than 55 million users and it can be defined as a YouTube for videogames, according to this Business Insider article.

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