Amazon Prime Video has been quietly launched


There have been some unexplained delays in launching Amazon Prime Video. Initially, when the news about Amazon launching a service like Netflix surfaced, it was to be launched on Diwali. Then the date got postponed to November 9. Then perhaps, due to the declaration of demonetization by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8, things got postponed indefinitely. After that there was no news.

Then suddenly on Wednesday (December 14, 2016) there was an email in my inbox that Amazon Prime Video is now available.

The initial look seems good although the interface is not as friendly and professional as Netflix. There are no categories at the top for different genres. Content is definitely more. I was able to find lots of Bollywood movies and the selection is glaringly lacking in Netflix. This might be because the sort of old Bollywood movies that I want to watch are already available on YouTube. But still, through a paid service, I would like to watch better quality movies. In Amazon Prime Video, the quality seems good and the selection is also quite nice.

Again, according to the initial look, the interface is not as intuitive as Netflix. For example, when I checked out a particular TV series it took me awhile to switch from Season 2 to Season 1: in Netflix you can switch to any season and any episode from within the current window. But maybe people using just Amazon Prime Video will not notice this inconvenience because they haven’t experienced the Netflix interface.

During my quick look I observed that there is much more content on Amazon Prime Video than Netflix. Hindi movies are certainly more. None of the programs I wanted to watch were available but then I didn’t get much time to go through various categories.

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