Amazon is planning to become an ISP


Very soon Amazon may start providing Internet services to consumers in Europe according to the grapevine appearing on the Internet. Amazon is already providing the Prime video streaming service so it makes sense that it also bundles in an Internet connection to make it easier for people to get the service from a single window rather than having to deal with different vendors. Besides, for its video streaming service, it would be better for Amazon to be able to control the Internet service on its own rather than depending on other Internet service providers. Netflix has been constantly having problems with other Internet service providers and in fact recently, Netflix appealed that bandwidth data cap should be declared illegal. If Amazon depends on other Internet service providers sooner or later it will also get into the same sort of problems.

Right now Amazon depends on Internet service providers like Comcast and AT&T. Comcast has its own cable service and soon Amazon will be competing with Comcast. The problem is that since both concast and Amazon are providing content to their subscribers, even unintentionally, they end up becoming competitors. So Comcast will have to throttle Amazon’s services in order to gain an edge and this puts Amazon in a vulnerable position – this holds true for every online video streaming service that relies on other Internet service providers.

Amazon isn’t the only big Internet company that is planning to provide its own Internet service to its customers. Google is already laying down high-speed fibre cable. Even Facebook is trying to provide its own version of Internet services, for example, Free Basics. Besides, Amazon is already providing its Web Services so it would be nice for the company if businesses used its own Internet services to access the Web Services rather than another Internet service provider. Amazon is already managing huge amounts of data through its global data centres and at many places it uses its own high-speed fibre lines.


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