Amazon is suing its own sellers for posting fake reviews


As you can see from this article on the forschung-und-wissen website, consumers are getting more and more fed up with fake reviews that are being posted everywhere online. Thankfully, more is being done to crack down on these scammers. For example, Amazon is coming down heavily on incentivized and fake reviews posted by customers as well as its own sellers. A few days ago you read that Amazon has banned paid or incentivized reviews. Now the online retailer is suing three of its own sellers for posting fake reviews. Paid or incentivized reviews may still carry some iota of credibility but fake reviews are really bad. Since 2015 Amazon has filed lawsuits against thousands of its sellers for posting fake reviews of their products and benefiting from them.

According to this TechCrunch report, 50% of reviews for 11 products are sold by Arobo Trade INC/Aumax Direct and four products sold by Cyande Group are fake. These fake reviews intentionally influence buyers’ decisions by boosting product ratings and giving an unfair advantage over sellers using genuine reviews. Fake reviews can be purchased in lieu of money as well as products.

Amazon told TechCrunch, “Our goal is to eliminate the incentives for sellers to engage in review abuse and shut down this ecosystem around fraudulent reviews in exchange for compensation. As long as this type of abuse exists, we will continue to take enforcement and legal action against sellers participating in fraudulent reviews.”

The scourge of fake and fraudulent reviews has become so serious that buyers have stopped believing in even real reviews. Along with cracking down on sellers that use fake reviews Amazon is also working on a system that identifies spurious reviews as well as genuine reviews and then pushing genuine reviews at the top.

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