Amazon is selling refurbished and used smartphones in India


There is a great market for refurbished and used smartphones in India because although people want to own and use higher end phones, they don’t want to spend lots of money on them.  Recognising this tendency of Indians Apple has been trying to sell refurbished and used iPhones in India for a long time but the Indian government doesn’t give permission because it fears that it will encourage electronics companies to fill the country with electronic junk. But Amazon has started selling refurbished and used smartphones in India. The online retailer has been selling refurbished and used smartphones in India for a long time but it’s just recently that it has created a separate section exclusively for refurbished and used smartphones, as reported in this BGR link.

Although the above link says that Amazon India will be initially selling refurbished and used smartphones just from Xiaomi and Samsung but if you visit the related section on Amazon India, you will notice that there are multiple brands (and Samsung seems to conspicuously missing)

Buying a refurbished or a used smartphone doesn’t mean that you buy it from another user. Such smartphones come from the company itself and they will be sold by Amazon India. They are as good as new phones; it’s just that they have been refurbished by the company. The refurbished and used smartphones that you can buy from Amazon India will be directly sold by the named companies – Xiaomi, Samsung and the others. The smartphone devices will come with a 6-month warranty.

How much do you expect to save if you buy a refurbished or used smartphone? Amazon India is selling these phones at a 25%-30% of the original price. It means if a higher-end smartphone costs Rs. 60,000 you may be able to purchase its refurbished version at around Rs. 42,000, which is a big saving.

Amazon India is selling refurbished and used smartphones from selected companies, but would you buy such phones? There is hardly a reason that you shouldn’t. These are as good as new phones. A good thing is that they come with a 6-month warranty. So if you have some problem with the smartphone, it can be easily sorted out.

Can you distinguish between a refurbished phone and a brand-new phone? Amazon India says that the refurbished phones will be marked as such.

From where do refurbished smartphones come? Sometimes it happens that users don’t want to use a particular smartphone so they go back to the outlet and return the phone. Maybe they are looking for a replacement. Maybe they want to sell back the phone to the company at a lower cost in order to save money for a more expensive smartphone. Whatever are the reasons, these phones are duly returned to the manufacture by legitimate users and then the manufacturer refurbishes them with all the original and branded parts.

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