Alrawi: The Islamic State cyber cell has its own encrypted messaging app


If you think the Islamic State depends on the usual social networking and instant messaging apps to exchange messages with each other and hence their communication can be easily restricted, you need to rethink. Now they have their own dedicated encrypted messaging app called “Alrawi” that makes it harder for governments and security agencies to track and intercept terror-related messages. The new app was discovered by counter-terrorism network known as Ghost Security Group.

Previously the terrorist organization was using popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram but most of the groups and accounts were blocked or and terminated by the instant messaging companies closely working with law enforcement agencies. Although the Islamic State is still using popular instant messaging and social networking apps to recruit new members and coordinate terror attacks, they are depending more and more on Alrawi, the encrypted messaging app that they have exclusively developed for their activities. Telegram is an encrypted messaging app that the Islamic State was using extensively before the clampdown.

Naturally, Alrawi is not available on Google Play store. One needs to search for it, get hold of the apk file and then install it. The terror group has been using its usual Telegram and Twitter accounts to encourage their users to visit a website (it is deleted now) and download the Amaq Agency app; the agency is known to closely work with the Islamic State.

Ghost Security Group is a sister group of the well-known hacking group Anonymous that had launched attacks on the Islamic State online activities, especially after the recent Paris terror attacks. They had hacked multiple Twitter, Facebook, YouTube an Instagram accounts belonging to the ISIS.

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