Alert: WhatsApp virus files being spread in India that can hack your phone details


2 WhatsApp files are being spread that can hack into your smartphone personal information and even banking data. These malicious viruses are being spread using the names of India’s two premier defence organisations NDA (National Defence Academy) and NIA (National Investigation Agency).

An advisory has been issued to common people as well as defence and security establishments to warn people against these viruses. Since the files seem to be coming from NDA and NIA, some people have opened these files thinking that they have come from genuine, safe sources.

These files are being circulated as “NDA-ranked-8th-toughest-College-in-the-world-to-get-into.xls” and “NIA-selection-order-.xls”. The files may appear in your mobile phone as Microsoft Excel files, MS Word files or even PDF files. Since these agencies are well known and respected in India, their names are being used to entice people into clicking the files.

Once you click on the files, they get operational and they can access your personal details like login credentials, banking passwords and pin codes.

People working in the defence forces and other critical agencies are the primary targets of this virus files. So people working in the security agencies are specially being alerted and are being advised not to open these files and immediately block the numbers from where they are coming.

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