After Samsung Galaxy Note 7, now Samsung washing machines have started exploding


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Samsung, it seems, has pissed off the god of fire big time. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones with all that exploding and catching fire have already cost billions of dollars to Samsung. But the nightmare hasn’t ended for the Korean electronics company. Now it is having to recall its washing machines – 2.8 million – because they too have started exploding, according to this Guardian link. There have been 733 complaints. Many people have reportedly gotten injured due to the exploding Samsung washing machines. The machines are being recalled from the US and Canada.

The injuries caused by the exploding Samsung washing machines include a broken jaw, an injured shoulder, bruises and other blunt force injuries. And it is not just a single model of the Samsung washing machines that is exploding. There are 34 models that have problems. And these have been sold since 2011. The drums in certain top loading Samsung washing machines become unbalanced and cause vibrations. The vibrations become so violent sometimes that the top portion of the machine simply detaches itself from the chassis.

Samsung says that the explosions happen when a high-speed spin cycle is used to wash bedding or other bulky items.

Although the case has come to light only just now, several lawsuits have already been filed by attorneys representing consumers in Texas, Indiana and Georgia have suffered from the exploding washing machines.

Since the washing machines are being recalled, Samsung is offering its customers a choice between a free repair or rebate toward the purchase of a new washing machine.

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