After attaining critical mass, Reliance offers Jio Prime membership at Rs. 303 per month

Jio Prime membership for existing Reliance Jio customers
Jio Prime membership for existing Reliance Jio customers

Reliance has acquired 100 million customers for its Jio 4G and voice calling services ever since it was launched a few months ago. Right now, Reliance is adding 7 new Jio customers every second, although right now, a big reason for so many subscribers might be the free availability. Free availability isn’t just lucrative in terms of saving money, it is also more convenient because a person can just acquire a Sim card without going to the extra pains of paying, and start using it within a couple of hours.

The free offer will be expiring on March 31, 2017. After that, the existing Reliance Jio customers will have to opt for a data plan. Jio Prime so far offers the best deal for customers compared to other providers such as Airtel and Vodafone, as explained in this Mint analysis.

Some news reports like this one are using misleading headlines, tricking customers into believing that it may cost them just Rs. 99 for another year of free 4G and calling services. Rs. 99 is a registration fee for the Jio Prime membership. Once you have registered for the Jio Prime membership, you can avail 4G connectivity (1 GB everyday) and free calling for Rs. 303 per month.

This offer is good for you if you are also using other Reliance Jio media apps for which you would otherwise have to pay.

The summary of the new Reliance Jio Prime membership is

  1. Registration fee for the Jio Prime membership: Rs. 99.
  2. Rs. 303 every month for 1 GB 4G data and unlimited voice calling (once you have registered for a Jio Prime membership). The Internet browsing speed will reduce to 128kbps once you have used up your 1 GB quota of the day.
  3. Between 2 AM and 5 AM you can use unlimited 4G data
  4. All the Jio Premium apps you can use without paying extra.
  5. This offer is exclusively for the existing Reliance Jio customers, or anyone who joins before March 31, 2017.

Is it worth it? Depends on how much your monthly consumption is right now. If you are trapped in a carrier plan which is much more expensive and doesn’t give you many features, then you should maybe port to a Jio Sim card. This link contains step-by-step instructions on how to port your existing Sim card to a Jio connection.

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