Ad blocking coming to the Microsoft Edge browser

ad blocking coming to Microsoft Edge
ad blocking coming to Microsoft Edge

Almost all the mainstream browsers these days are incorporating ad blocking features including Firefox, Opera and even Safari. The Opera browser allows you to block ads. Firefox added ad blocking many months ago. Many smartphone browsers have been trying to incorporate their own form of ad blocking including Samsung, which Google promptly disallowed. People have been speculating for long whether the Microsoft Edge browser will have its own inbuilt ad blocking features. Now the ad blocking feature is available in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Actually there is an extension called “Adblock Plus” that is available in almost all the browsers but up till now, for Microsoft Edge users, it was available to only the participants of Microsoft’s Windows Inside Program. Now it is being publicly released and now everybody who uses Microsoft Edge can use the ad blocking extension.

The ability to use ad blocking within Microsoft Edge is gradually being rolled out with the Windows 10 “Anniversary Update”, so it might not yet be available on your computer. In order to be able to use the ad blocking extension within Microsoft Edge you’ll need to install the latest update. Also, it’s PC-only right now; it is not available for Windows 10 phones.

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