Activists and journalists immediately need to update OS X and the Safari browser

Mac OS X and Safari browser security issue for activists and journalists
Mac OS X and Safari browser security issue for activists and journalists

There is a critical security issue that may affect Mac users, especially activists and journalists and they need to immediately update their OS X and Safari browser versions, according to this CNNMoney update. Previously, the same sort of security issue was discovered in iOS but a patch was immediately released by Apple to take care of it. The iOS vulnerability allowed governments and other interested bodies to track the movements of activists and journalists. The software that exploit these vulnerabilities is developed by an Israeli “cyber war” company called the NSO Group. The NSO Group sells this software openly that helps governments and other agencies track a person’s mobile phone and, this is not a surprise, many of its clients are governments of different countries.

As soon as the information that there is a critical issue affecting Mac users surfaced, Apple released a security update for OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan. This update is especially important for activists and journalists because governments of most of the countries like to track the activities of individuals in these professions. Just go to App Store on your Mac and click the Updates icon. Another update for the Safari browser, 9.1.3, is also available that you need to update immediately.

If you’re using an iPhone running iOS 9 and if you recently haven’t updated your operating system, do it as soon as possible so that the security issue can be patched.

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