A washable smartphone if you are constantly getting your smartphone dirty


If there are water resistant smartphones, waterproof smartphones that can be kept under water for almost an hour, why not have washable smartphones? After all, there are many instances when you need to wash your smartphone. Suppose your smartphone, since it is water resistant and you are not as careful as you used to be when we didn’t have water resistant smartphones, falls into the toilet seat and you have taken it out with great trepidation. You cannot go on using the smartphone as it is simply because it is expensive. You may have to wash it. For such circumstances, a company called Kyocera has introduced soap-washable smartphones.

This new Japanese smartphone isn’t just resistant to water, it is also resistant to hot water. So if it is very cold and you don’t want to expose your hands to cold water while washing your smartphone, there is no need to worry. You can wash the smartphone using warm or hot water.

The touchscreen of the smartphone can be used with wet hands and it can also be used if you are wearing gloves.

The smartphones should be available from March 2017 onwards and they will be available in 3 colours – pale pink, clear white and light blue.

Here is the video of the smartphone that is being watched in running water:

I’m not sure if you can throw the smartphone into the washing machine and let the machine do its job. Or maybe you can just wash it under a tap. But even that is great. Some soap and some water and there you have, a completely clean phone even after having visited the insides of a toilet seat.

It isn’t the first time the Kyocera (sounds like que sera) company has launched a washable smartphone. Even back in 2015 it launched a washable smartphone that was called Digno Rafre, but it was only available in Japan. Even the newer version is called Rafre, Rafre KYV40, to be precise, whatever that means, and again, it is available in Japan. I guess in Japan there is a great demand for washable smartphones.

What’s the big difference between the first-generation washable smartphone and the second generation one?

You could wash the first-generation smartphone with hand soap. The second-generation smartphones can be washed with body soap. As you may know, although the smartphone is foam resistant, body soap produces more foam than hand soap.

Since it is a washable smartphone, it will be very useful in your kitchen when you might be working with different dishes and you have to cook something. Perhaps this is the reason why the smartphone comes preloaded with a cooking app. Since, while cooking, you may not like to touch your touch screen repeatedly, the cooking app can be operated with hand gestures. But even if you end up touching the screen and end up dirtying it, no worry, you can always wash it.

The basic features of the Rafre washable smartphone

The phone will have a 5-inch screen, which is not very big by today’s standards. It has an auto focus and auto HDR camera – 13 megapixels – that can also take your photographs in lowlight conditions. The front facing camera is 5 megapixels.

Another interesting thing in this camera is that instead of a speaker, it uses a proprietary Smart Sonic Receiver technology to transmit sound to the eardrums by the phone’s display screen. It means you don’t have to precisely place your ear near the speakers while talking as a big part of the screen will be delivering sound to you.

The blue light filtering feature comes in this washable smartphone by default so you don’t have to worry about protecting your eyes from glare while using this phone (provided you have switched the feature on).

You can find more information about the new washable smartphone on the company’s web page.

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