A trolley bag robot from Vespa that follows you around


Trolley bags are very handy but you still have to drag them. They have wheels and you don’t have to pick heavy baggage or your grocery shopping. Still, it would be nice if your trolley bag could simply follow you while you walk home from a trip to your local mall or shopping center. There is a trolley bag robot that can help you.

The Boston-based division of the Italian scooter maker Vespa, called Piaggio Fast Forward, is creating a robot called Gita. This trolley bag robot will help you carry cargo, groceries, fruits, and vegetables. It can follow a pedestrian as well as a cyclist.

The trolley bag robot will be able to travel at a speed of around 35 km/h and it will be able to carry around 18 kg of weight.

Here is a video of the trolley bag robot:

The trolley bag robot from Vespa can be used in 2 ways: it can be used by shops and malls to help their customers carry stuff home and then come back to the establishment, or it can be used by individual owners as an accompaniment that can follow them around whether they are walking or cycling.

In fact, this trolley bag robot can set a healthy trend. Many people go shopping on car because they find it difficult to bring back the groceries. With the help of the trolley bag robot this won’t be a problem and people will be encouraged to walk or use their cycles.

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