A tiny robot for small kids


Cozmo is a tiny robot for small kids that can be given as a gift. It is sort of an interactive toy with a full-developed artificial intelligence. It recognizes your face. It can run around you. It has a personality. And it can also throw tantrums if you beat it at a game, as you can see in the video below:

The tiny robot for small kids Cozmo has been developed by Anki, a company known for developing accessible and down-to-earth artificial-intelligence-powered devices. Here is a longer video of Cozmo:

Can Cozmo be a good toy companion for small kids? Since it has to be paired with a smartphone it is to be assumed that only those kids will be able to properly use it who possess a smartphone. All the main messages from this tiny robot are sent to the smartphone that has been paired with it. Since it is powered by contemporary artificial intelligence technology, its abilities and skills develop as small kids use it more and more. Some of the abilities can be unlocked by teaching various tricks to Cozmo.

Basically it is a gameplaying tiny robot that will repeatedly prompt you to play with it and engage in various fun activities.

It certainly does feel entertaining. This NextWeb post has a nice review on Cozmo.

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