A small bedtime stories projector for your iPhone or any other phone with a flash

Moonlite tiny smartphone projector for bedtime stories
Moonlite tiny smartphone projector for bedtime stories

Although it is recommended that you keep gadgets like the iPhone and other smartphones away from your kids at bedtime once in a while you can use these gadgets to tell your kids great bedtime stories. For example, this video shows a small projector that you can attach at the top of your iPhone in such a manner that the light of its flash projects the images onto the roof of the wall.

The small fitting projector called Moonlite is just like any toy projector that you get for your kids that shows images from a cartridge or a reel. Moonlite easily fits on your iPhone or any other phone, like a clip-on, that has a flash in such a manner that the light of the flash goes through the projector and shows the image on your wall or on your roof. The device is very innovative and it can be a great way to tell bedtime stories to your kids while the images in the story are being projected on the roof or on the wall.

Moonlite is a KickStarter project: you can contribute on this link and when the device is ready to be shipped, it will be shipped to you. There are different packs that can be purchased or “pledged”. All in all, there seem to be seven stories (7 story reels) in a single pack. The stories included in the pack are

  1. It’s time to go to sleep my love
  2. What are we going to do tomorrow?
  3. Alphabet fun
  4. Opposites
  5. Little red Riding Hood
  6. Jack and the Beanstalk
  7. The ugly duckling

I’m sure later on more reels will be available that you will be able to purchase independent of the projector.

For appropriate sound effects there is also an associated app with read-along features. Understandably, different bedtime stories will be available in the package. In the end of the KickStarter page details, it is mentioned that the bedtime stories project can be used on iOS as well as Android.

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