A sleeping headband that allows you to control your dreams


Dreams are normally uncontrollable and they can also cause you disturbed sleeps if the dreams themselves are very disturbing, for example like nightmares. There’s good news now. There’s a headband called iBand+ that induces lucid dreaming which helps you sleep better. It is a crowdfunding project.

Aside from allowing you to control your dreams – you can decide which dreams you want to have – the headband also enhances your sleep. It is a head-mounted gadget that keeps track of your sleeping cycles, monitors body movement, heart rate and temperature. The app that comes with the iBand+ headset can also play music on your smartphone to help you fall asleep easily. Based on your previous sleeping sessions the app can also advise you how to sleep better.

The biggest attraction of course would be the ability of the headband to enable you to have dreams that you want to have rather than having random dreams. When you have a dream with the help of the headband, you can recognize that it’s a dream and not reality. This way you can control your dream with no limitations. For example, have a look at this video that explains how you can control your dreams using this headband:

The headband can recognize your REM (rapid eye movement) sleeping stage and then it can trigger you dreaming. The gadget will play audio and flash lights onto your eyes and these audiovisual cues will be leaked into your dreams, keeping you informed that you are having a dream. When you experience these cues within your dream, you will know that you are in a dream and not in reality. You will have to train yourself before you can recognize these audiovisual cues from within your dreams.

Having the ability to control your dreams is quite alluring. All the things that you cannot do in your real life you can do in your dream. For example, you can work at the starship enterprise in your dream. You can be a NASA scientist. You can be a pole dancer or a Secret Service agent. You can be a werewolf. The choices are unlimited.

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