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Old parent having technical problems

Our parents’ generation was smart in its own way. In fact, for the gadgets and machines that we use these days, the groundwork was being done by our previous generation. But there has been a sudden jump in the way we use technology these days and many of our parents are not very tech savvy or simply don’t have the bent of mind to handle technology and go through many difficulties. The problem with technology is, it has become an integral part of our lives. It no longer remains a fad to use a mobile phone or use an HDTV or an ability to retrieve contact information at the crucial moment from one’s smartphone or organise video conferencing. These are becoming day-to-day activities so knowing them can be very critical to them.

Most of us from the present generation are the go-to people whenever our parents have some problem related to technology, for example configuring the latest TV or the mobile phone. In most of the cases these problems can be solved over the phone or during weekend or holiday visits but sometimes the problem is more pressing and one needs to be there physically. Now, you wouldn’t like to travel a couple of hundred miles to tell your mom how to add a new contact in WhatsApp but a service called Mummo can easily do that. According to this TechCrunch link, the service was developed during Disrupt London Hackathon.

The Mummo service is very easy to use whenever one of your parents need some technical assistance. They just need to send a text SMS. Mummo uses the Twilio API to get the name and postal code of the person who has sent the SMS and then finds a local helper who can solve the problem.

The local helper can then either solve the problem on phone or pay a quick visit.

The questions aren’t meant to be highly technical so anybody with a passing comfort level of technology can sign up as a helper. For example, if you have been using a computer or a laptop for a few years, you probably know how to install a new operating system or upgrade an existing one. You may also know how to download software applications from the Internet and install them.

Your parents can choose to pay anywhere between £1 and £10 per phone call or £10 and £30 per visit. The developers of the service are also working out the nitty-gritty of ensuring the safety of the parents especially when strangers need to visit the place in order to solve the technical problems.

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