A robotic guard is being accused of brutalizing a child

a robotic guard brutalises a child
a robotic guard brutalises a child

Policemen brutalizing citizens, especially white policemen in US brutalizing black citizens, are becoming everyday news. Perhaps robotic guards are taking their cues from US policemen. There is a news of a robotic guard hitting a child on his head and then running over his foot at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. This news has been reported in the Los Angeles Times.

These are the same sort of robots I wrote about in a previous blog post titled Crime-fighting robots roam the streets of Silicon Valley.

According to the mother of the brutalized child, the robot suddenly hit her son on the head and caused him to fall to the ground. While the kid was still on the ground trying to get a grip of what was happening to him, the ruthless robotic guard ran over his right foot and the foot became swollen. Such a robotic guard is called K5.

There is a bit of confusion regarding how the robotic bodyguard ended up brutalizing the child. According to the company that has made and installed the robotic guards called K2, the child first ran towards the robot and the robot, initially trying to be a good cop, tried to avoid the child by veering away. The robot was patrolling so it didn’t want to be disturbed. The child then started walking backwards and ran into the robot and then fell on the ground. In the ensuing confusion the robot ran over the child’s foot.

The company is trying to figure out exactly what happened.

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