A power plant that captures its own carbon emissions


Power plants can be great polluters, especially that use fossil fuels to burn and generate power. They produce lots of carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases causing irreparable damage to the air we breathe.

Many power generation plants already use some sort of “carbon capturing technology” and then use the captured carbon in oil refineries because it is then used to break the chemical structure of oil, properly explained in this Forbes article. Carbon dioxide acts as a solvent to free up stubborn crude oil.

The challenge so far has been to capture carbon produced by power generation plants at minimal cost and capturing it efficiently so that almost no carbon is released into the atmosphere. The British scientist named Rodney Allam, after decades of hard work and trial and error, has finally stumbled upon a solution that captures carbon emission at no extra cost.

The new technology will be called “Allam Cycle”. It will burn natural gas, and then it will capture the produced carbon dioxide without extra cost. The cost of generating power with this technology will be same as generating power with the regular technology that doesn’t capture carbon emissions.

Conventional power generation technology uses fuel to create heat and this heat creates steam and the steam then runs the turbines that generate power. With the Allam Cycle technology, instead of the usual heat, the CO2 that is generated after burning the fuel will itself be used to run the turbines.

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