A Lego robot that can teach kids how to code

Lego robotic game that helps kids learn how to code
Lego robotic game that helps kids learn how to code

In the coming times your ability to code – write small programs and apps – is going to give you an edge over your peers in great many ways as more and more aspects of our lives become digital and programmable. Even when solving household problems you may need to indulge in some sort of programming a logical arrangement of code.

This Venture Beat post reviews Lego Boost, an entertaining Lego robotic toy that can be controlled by arranging and rearranging commands through an array of icons controlled through your iPad or any other device that is supported by the robot. The Lego-designed Boost robot is for children seven and older. The Lego Boost series of robots has been designed by Lego Group and these robots intend to teach kids how to program and code. Children can learn how to make programs while having fun with the robots.

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