A hoverboard that actually hovers in the air has set a world record


Hoverboards that run on roads and concrete surfaces are called hoverboards but the hoverboards that run in the air are called flyboards. Technically, as the language goes, the hoverboards that hover in the air should also be called “hoverboards” because hovering actually means moving or staying over something or some place without physical contact or friction. Anyway, this is all semantics but there is a hoverboard or rather a flyboard that has set a world record of hovering in the air for the longest time.

This Popular Science link says that Franky Zapata of Zapata Racing flew 7388 feet over the sea in the south of France on a flyboard. I’m not sure if this video is related to the record-setting event or it is a random video of Franky Zapata flying his flyboard, but here it is

This technology always gets me excited because once things like boards and sitting chairs begin to fly, even indoors, we will finally be able to get all-terrain wheelchairs. Just imagine, if instead of wheels, a wheelchair can simply hover in the air. This means it can climb stairs. It can fly over water. It can climb hills. I think this technology should be available within 10 years.

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