A 10-minute summary video of the Google Pixel smartphone launch


Here is a 10-minute summary video of the Google Pixel smartphone launch where the Google CEO Sundar Pichai and a few of his colleagues stress upon the importance of AI and in the case of Google Pixel, Google Assistant, which is being touted as one of the greatest features of the Google Pixel smartphone. This video is from The Verge.

You can see in this 10-minute summary video of the Google Pixel smartphone launch that Google is pushing Google Assistant as the core driving force behind the Google Pixel smartphone and the Google Home device. “First, it was mobile first, now, it is AI first,” says Sundar Pichai in the beginning of the video.

The fundamental strength of any AI is that it learns from you and the more you use it, the better it becomes in giving you the right answers and knowing in advance what you would like to do after performing a particular task. For example, in this 10-minute summary video when a presenter asks Google Assistant to play music, the Google Pixel smartphone automatically launches YouTube instead of a music playing app because the smartphone has learned that he prefers to listen to music using YouTube rather than a music playing app.

This 10-minute summary video is actually a very good way of knowing what exactly the Google Pixel smartphone offers you and so far, it seems to be quite an awesome phone.

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