Here are the 9 ways you can make more and more people use your mobile apps

Efficient mobile apps
Efficient mobile apps

The mobile apps market, whether you talk of Android apps, iOS apps or these days, Microsoft apps, is brimming with competition. For every task, there are zillions of apps. How do you keep yourself relevant? How do you keep current users from switching to other apps and get new users to your apps?

This Next Web blog post publishes insights from nine members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YES) to help you keep your current app users happy and using your app and getting more people to your app. The basic gist of the insights is:

  1. Continuously update your apps otherwise they begin to seem stale.
  2. Use a CRM that helps you understand your user base and keeps you connected, interactively and engagingly, with your users.
  3. Keep communicating with your users to get their input and then make changes accordingly.
  4. Pay close attention to your super users – people who seriously use your app and utilize its features to improve the way they do, whatever the intent to do.
  5. Create smart and tactical push notifications to actively inform your users and get timely input from them.
  6. Make a great impact at the outset. According to one of the entrepreneurs, on average an app loses 77% of its users in the first three days. So make sure when you launch an app it has got all the ingredients to keep your users from uninstalling it from their devices.
  7. This keeps coming up again and again – regularly get user feedback.
  8. Develop a system of self-service. Every new app will give rise to many questions regarding how to use it, how to utilize it and how to customize it. Keep ready a long list of FAQs so that in most of the cases, your users can find answers to most pressing questions on their own rather than having to wait for your response.
  9. Always have a clearly-defined purpose for your app. If it doesn’t solve any purpose, it is not going to succeed.
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