8 things to keep in mind when buying a used iPhone


You need to be very careful while buying a used iPhone as you can easily get ripped off. It is a great idea to buy an older version of iPhone instead of a brand new iPhone, as the new model is quite expensive.

Before we begin, our reader Simon Dyer from SwiftContractPhones.com has emailed us the following tips.

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous individuals out there so whenever buying a used device it’s hugely important you check it’s not stolen. With that in mind I’d only really recommend buying from a reputable refurbished seller on via a platform like eBay where you have some buyer protection. If you do buy privately via Craigslist etc. then I’d only ever pay cash and ask to run your checks in person before you buy. Check if the IMEI is Blocked etc.

Here is a list of things which you should keep in mind when buying a used iPhone:

1 Buying from Amazon or eBay

The wise thing to do in order to purchase a used iPhone is to look for it on Amazon or eBay. Amazon lets you return the used iPhone within 30 days of using it in case it stops working. It also takes the side of a buyer in case of any dispute rather than the seller. So in case you aren’t satisfied with your used iPhone, you can easily get a refund if you buy it through Amazon.

Due to eBay’s collaboration with Paypal, it is extremely easy to get your money back in case you get ripped off.

2 Meeting the seller at a public place

There have been cases in which the sellers have robbed the buyers. So it is a clever idea to keep your meeting in a public place. You can set a meeting in a restaurant, a crowded café, Apple store or the parking area of a police station. Just make sure that the CCTV cameras are installed where you guys are trying to meet.

3 Make sure that the iPhone is not stolen

Always ask the seller for the original receipt of the iPhone. It would help you in finding out if the device is stolen or not. Sometimes the sellers are unable to provide the receipt even if the phone isn’t stolen.

4 Getting at least two forms of contact info

It is better to get two or more forms of contacting the seller. Ask for their email as well as phone number. It is sensible to look for their name on the social media, so that you won’t have any difficulty in contacting them in case you need to return your device.

5 Find out about the return policy

Many sellers do not accept returns, so it is better to ask them if they provide this facility and if they do then ask for the details of their return policy.

6 Check the used iPhone before buying it

Always check the used iPhone before buying it thoroughly. The seller shouldn’t have any problems in letting you test the phone for at least 10 minutes especially if you are paying him a huge amount.

7 Check the iCloud account before buying the phone

Before buying a used iPhone, just see that no one is signed into iCloud. If somebody is signed in, then this could mean that the phone might be stolen. Even if the phone isn’t stolen, the seller could lock the phone later.

8 IMEI number

Enter the phone’s IMEI number on iPhoneox.com in order to find if the phone is reported missing or stolen.

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