The 8 latest features in Android N

Latest features in Android N
Latest features in Android N

80% of the world’s smartphones and tablets are powered by one or the other flavour of Android, so whenever a new Android is released, it is received with great anticipation. Android even has awesome tv boxes too which can be found at The same is the case with Android N, which is quite a straightforward name, considering the previous versions were KitKat, Lollipop and Marshmallow. A lot of people like using Android phones for the simple fact that they like playing games on them, you could even check out something like this AndroidHackers if this was something you were interested in. Obviously, there is much more to and Android phone then just games.

You must be wondering what are the latest features in Android N? Why should you upgrade? Which latest features will you be able to use once you have upgraded your smartphone or tablet to Android N or once you have purchased a new smartphone or tablet running Android N.

The biggest rival of Android is the Apple iOS; whenever Android features are being discussed, they are constantly being compared with iOS. What can Android do that iOS cannot? What can iOS do that Android cannot? Which latest features are there in Android but are not there in iOS?

This blog post is not about comparing the latest features of Android and iOS, this post is just to introduce the eight latest features in Android N.

The latest version is called Android N not because it is intended to be that way. The latest Android version is available to just developers so it hasn’t yet been named. Maybe when it becomes available to the general public, it will have a more real-world name, maybe something like Peach?

Anyway, listed below are the 8 latest features in Android N.

  1. Android N has a redesigned notifications area. As you know, usually, the notifications area is at the top and you have to drag your finger down in order to access it. Drag the finger once and you can view the notifications and then drag it again and you can access the basic icons such as the Wi-Fi, mobile data and sound icons. Aside from the fact that the notifications area has been redesigned with smaller icons and ergonomic space, now you can long press a particular notification to switch off notifications from that particular app.Also, once you have dragged your finger once, there is a down arrow that can be tapped on to quickly access your basic functioning icons.
  2. Multi window/Split-view in Android N. Split-view or multi-window feature has been there in various phones, especially Samsung, but in Android N split-view or multi-window is inbuilt. Split-view is also available on iOS 9 but it is available on iPads but not on iPhones.
  3. Night mode is also built into Android N. Previously, when you needed to use the night-mode feature, you had to install a third-party app. No longer is the case. With night mode on, the blue light is turned off and you can use this feature to stop your sleeping cycle from going awry while using your smartphone or tablet before sleep.
  4. Quick app switching. Suppose you are reading an article and you would like to post a small part of it on Twitter. Right now when you copy paste you first have to copy the text and then go to Twitter. Now, as soon as you have highlighted the portion that you would like to post and copied it on the clipboard, at the bottom you will see a list of apps you can quickly switch to.
  5. Android N has Doze on the Go. “Doze on the Go” is a power-saving feature. Although some or the other power saving feature is available almost in every smartphone, in order to be able to use this feature, your smartphone has to be completely still. The power-saving mode cannot be activated if your smartphone is in your pocket and you are moving around. With “Doze on the Go” you can keep the power-saving feature on your smartphone active even when the smartphone is inside your pocket and you are moving around.
  6. In Android N you can respond to notifications within the notification. Suppose you receive a notification from Twitter. Usually, when you tap on the “Reply” link the Twitter app loads and you can do your stuff. But in this new notifications interface, you can reply to your Twitter messages from within the notifications area without having to go to your Twitter app.
  7. Android N brings more Google keyboard themes. High time! In its current avatar the Google keyboard looks quite uninspiring, especially when compared to the awesome themes that come with Swiftkey.
  8. Android N has accessibility features that are more prominent. Accessibility features like Magnification gesture, font size, display size and Talkback are available during the initial setup process itself rather than you having to dig into the deep crevices of the Setup dashboard.

Here is a brief video explaining the latest features in Android N.

So these are the 8 latest features that have been introduced in the upcoming Android N update. Again, right now this update is only available to developers so that they can streamline their apps according to the upcoming changes. Android N with its latest features will be available to the general public only later in the year.

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