6-second YouTube ads you can’t skip

Six-second YouTube ads you cannot skip
Six-second YouTube ads you can't skip

As you can see in this article by Voy Media, lots of companies use YouTube to advertise their products and brand and because of this, YouTube is always looking to improve the ad experience for its viewers to improve engagement for the companies spending money with them. The latest way of doing this is by planning to experiment with six-second ads you can’t skip. Currently, when you’re watching a YouTube video you are shown an advertisement and normally after a few seconds you are allowed to skip the ad. This works for the viewers but in most of the cases, since people are eagerly waiting to skip the ad, advertisers are not able to convey any substantial message.

The existing YouTube ad format where users are allowed to skip after five seconds is called “True View”. With the “True View” spot, whereas companies and advertisers can create more than 45-second ads, viewers can decide to skip the ads after viewing them for five seconds. Although sometimes you come across YouTube ads you can’t skip it happens rarely.

The format of the six-second ads before you can proceed to the actual YouTube video will be such that within those six seconds the advertisers will be able to convey a small message. The central idea is using that six-second slot advertisers will be able to create a series of small messages that will eventually culminate into a bigger story. Although you can’t give the new YouTube ads, they will be created in such a manner that you won’t feel annoyed.

Here is an example of the new six-second YouTube add that you can’t skip:

The new six-second ads that you can’t skip will be called “Bumper” adds.

Here is what YouTube’s Zach Lupie wrote in a recent blog post, “We like to think of Bumper ads as little haikus of video ads – and we are excited to see what the creative community will do with them.”

The problem with conventional 45-second YouTube ads is that there is a tendency to skip them especially by the younger audience that is impatient to listen to YouTube music on their mobile devices. With Bumper ads, they will know that the ad is going to play just for six seconds and they won’t be in a hurry to skip it.

Will it help the advertisers and businesses if you can’t skip YouTube ads? It remains to be seen.

The six-second YouTube ads that you can’t skip will be officially introduced in May this year.

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