60% users opt out of push notifications? I know why

Notifications acceptance graph

Push notifications whether you come across them on your mobile phone or your computer, are always nagging. Well, not always (especially when you’re waiting for some important notification, like an email message while doing something else), but most of the time, yes. This blog post says that almost 60% people opt out of notifications. The author’s data is centered around people who mostly use Apple devices as he says, probably mistakenly, that there are no notifications in Android devices.

The author says that people opt out of not all notifications, but some. Maybe it depends on your urgency? For instance, have a look at this graph (taken from the above linked blog post):

Notifications acceptance graph

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) it’s the social notifications that enjoy the least tolerance by mobile users. Again, the data is mostly from iOS devices so one never knows whether the iPhone or the iPad users are less social compared to let’s say, Android users.

Understandably people who want to share rides are more open to viewing notifications on their smartphones because ridesharing is time sensitive. For instance, if you are using some service like Uber’s UberPool then missing to receive a notification may be unprofitable to you. Betting, surprisingly again, doesn’t enjoy as much acceptance for notifications as even food and beverage.

Now coming to Android, they sure have push notifications. For instance if you use Any.do it keeps on throwing nagging messages that stop you from doing other important stuff and hence I always keep them turned off.

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