5000 invites for the OnePlus One mobile phone sent

Yesterday I wrote that you cannot directly buy a OnePlus One mobile phone. These phones are not available through distributors and outlets. You either have to get an invite from the manufacturer itself, or you need to get an invite from a person who already owns a OnePlus One phone. As a promotional drive, which is being called as “the blizzard of invites” the makers of OnePlus One have sent out 5000 invites to people so that they can purchase the newly-released phone.

This reminds me of the initial Gmail days or even Google Wave (if you remember it); getting an invite used to be a matter of pride. People would distribute their invites (in the case of Gmail, initially you could send 5 invites that were later on increased to I think 15). It carries a snob value so I wouldn’t run for and invite. Even if the company sells the phones directly, why don’t just let people buy them directly from the website instead of making them scurry for invites?

Anyway, here is a OnePlus One video review from Engadget.

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