50% teenagers in America are addicted to their smartphones

Teens are addicted to their smartphones
Teens are addicted to their smartphones

50% kids in America feel that they are addicted to their smartphones. They find themselves checking their smartphones every hour and they feel a nagging pressure to respond immediately to messages that they receive on their smartphones. The results of the recent survey were made public this Tuesday.

Recently this video went viral in which a haughty -looking mother blowing her kids’ iPhone to pieces. Even after that she doesn’t give up. She uses a hammer to smash the pieces. Her kids are addicted to using social media websites. If you don’t feel like visiting the above link, here is the video that shows the ominous US mom shooting her kids’ iPhone:

In the survey, 59% parents accept that the children between 12-18 are badly addicted to their smartphones and they don’t seem to be able to give up using them. The poll was conducted among 1240 parents and children, by Common Sense Media.

The addiction to smartphones among kids can cause, among other things

  • Disruptive driving
  • Not paying attention to studies
  • Gorging on junk food and other eating disorders
  • Developing a dysfunctional social life
  • Unpredictable mood swings
  • Shortened attention span and hyperactivity

It’s not that parents aren’t doing anything about this whether the tactic is right or wrong. One-third of them revealed that every day they have arguments at home with kids regarding their smartphone addiction. The teens’ addiction to their smartphones is a constant source of tension in American families these days, concludes the survey.

You can read more about the report and other findings about how more and more teenagers are addicted to their smartphones in America and what sort of problems this addiction is causing on this Business Insider link.

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