5 Reasons Why it’s Sometimes Better to Use Online PDF Tools Than Desktop PDF Programs


In modern business, one of the most important things for achieving good results besides a clear vision and a well-crafted plan of action, is a clear and uninterrupted communication among co-workers. With the ever evolving expansion of technology, people now more than ever don’t have a need to be near each other in order to work on a same project, which means that a lot of the interpersonal communication is being conducted over computers (and all other devices). Even though the digital age has been around for more than 30 years, that still doesn’t mean that everything runs smooth when we count on devices to carry our information and documents.

Situations where business people are often puzzled, and frequently get quite upset, involve in one way or another, PDF files.

The infamous PDF, format who for more than two decades has been, and still is the standard for document sharing between devices. The enormous use of this format lies in the fact that it’s the only file format that can be viewed on every single operating system and device exactly as it was created, unlike other formats who become riddled with character issues, or even become completely unrecognizable. For this reason a lot of programs like the entire MS Office suite, AutoCad, Publisher and many more have the option to save the projects that were created in them in PDF form, thus making them bulletproof for sending.

But the downside of this great format starts there. Once the PDF is created out of another file, this new file is now a read-only document, and if someone wants to make any kind of changes to it, he will require either the use of premium software solutions, or free online tools that can convert the file back to its native state, or more simply said, back to the file it was before the transformation into a PDF ever happened. Software like Notability can get around the shortcomings of other options on the market but has the downside of being limited to Apple platforms. However, Notability for Windows has been made possible through the use of emulators so this could be a good workaround for those looking for one of the top PDF editing solutions.

Today we are going to cover 5 reasons why it’s better to use online tools for PDF conversion, while of course respecting the qualities of the desktop programs.

  1. When pricing is an issue: The majority of desktop software come with a heavy price tag, and for the people who don’t require frequent conversion of their files, online tools offer a far better solution because they are completely free.
  2. When time is of the essence: If you’re in a real hurry to edit a document before a big meeting for instance, online tools will grant you that speed that desktop solutions simply cannot, because of the long installation process and the time it takes to buy the program online.
  3. The size of the file: When it comes to the size of the file, most of the online tools can process regular-size documents, but if the size is really staggering, desktop software is probably the way to go.
  4. The complexity of the conversion: For most of the standard Office-type documents, online converters will extract the data perfectly, but if you require to fine tune the document or convert just parts of it, desktop software are a better solution for that.
  5. Working with your own personal finances

PDF to Excel Online can easily handle the complicated task of aiding you when the tax season begins, with all your personal expenses, interest rates and invoices that you have accumulated over the year.

This is all we have for you regarding this tricky subject, and surely you will now battle these types of challenges with more confidence and knowledge.

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