5 best Android time-tracking apps

5 Best android time-tracking apps
5 Best android time-tracking apps

Recently I was looking for some of the best Android time-tracking apps and I thought why not quickly review a few that I have used over the years, or some of my friends have used? As you go on using different apps or rather any software application, or rather anything in life, it is normally difficult to define what’s best for a broad range of requirements. So the best app is the app that works the best for you. So although I’m going to go with a particular Android time-tracking app as my best app, it is better to compile a list of at least 5 Android time-tracking apps that you may like to try and then decide for yourself which is the best app for you.

Why would you use a time-tracking app? This question is for those who land up on this blog post simply because they are doing some research on the topic but particularly don’t know what exactly is time-tracking app?

Many people confuse a time-tracking app with a scheduling app or even a calendar app. As the name suggests, a time-tracking app tells you how much time you have spent on a particular activity. This can be a great tool if you are a freelancer and you get paid by the hour.

Throughout the day you have to perform different activities and if you’re working on your own, it is often difficult to know exactly how much you have worked. Maybe you’re spending less time than you think you are and then later on wondering why you aren’t achieving much. Or maybe you’re spending more time on activities that aren’t very productive and less time on activities that you should be spending time on. A time-tracking app can help you to a great extent whether you are using a smartphone, a tablet or a PC.

Please remember that like any other online project management tool, the time-tracking app can be both for personal as well as team work. Sometimes an entire team has to track time together so for those purposes there are different apps. In most of the cases, a fully-functional project management tool comes with its own proprietary time tracking app or a feature.

For a long time I have been using different time-tracking apps on my Android smartphone (HTC). Why different apps? As mentioned above, what’s best differs from person to person. Anyway, now that you have understood what a time-tracking app is, let’s move on with the actual topic of the post.

My 5 best Android time-tracking apps are

  • Toggl
  • Smart Timesheet
  • FreshBooks time-tracking feature
  • Harvest
  • actiTime


Toggl is my favourite time-tracking Android app. In fact, right now I’m using it (I have again started tracking my time after a long time). For the time being it is my best (according to my needs and preferences) time-tracking app. It allows me to track different projects with the ease of just pressing a button (toggling on and off). Once you have started working on a task, a universal icon of “Stop” appears in front of the task. The time goes on increasing as you keep on working. When you need to stop, tap on the “Stop” icon. The time you have spent on that task appears in front of the task. When the task is “Stopped” a “Play” icon appears in front of it. So whenever you need to restart working on the same task, you simply have to tap on the “Play” icon.

It has a clean interface. The developers have wisely avoided stuffing lots of information on the screen. There are just your various tasks listed date-wise. Today’s tasks appear at the top, yesterday’s, beneath, and so on. You can get reports of the total time spent each day on a particular task from a particular project. But these things can be accessed from the menu and they don’t clutter your main screen.

Here is a video that explains why teams prefer to use Toggl…

Personally what works the best for me in Toggl as a time-tracking app is that I just have to tap on a particular task to start tracking time and stop tracking time. Facility to toggle between working and not working is the reason why the app is called Toggl.

Smart Timesheet

Smart Timesheet is great for time-based invoicing. It recalculates the money you are making while you are working on a particular project in real time. Define the project and enter your hourly rate and once you start working on your project, as the time progresses, you can see how much money you have made. Since it primarily focuses on time-based invoicing, this time-tracking Android app focuses on the amount of money you have made working on particular projects while giving you a bird’s eye view rather than just the time you have spent. A good app for an independent freelancer who needs to charge according to time spent. You can export your data to an Excel sheet or a CSV file.

Here is a video of the Smart Timesheet app in action…

FreshBooks time-tracking feature

I used the FreshBooks time-tracking app/feature for a few months when I was using the accounting service to invoice my clients. It is a great app and it is quite compatible with PC as well as Android smartphones and tablets – I’m pretty sure it also works fine with other platforms.

In the FreshBooks time-tracking app you define your various tasks under pre-created projects (you create the project, they are not pre-created by FreshBooks) and once you have installed the Android app you can start tracking your time along with the hourly rate. Being an accounting/invoicing web-based service, the FreshBooks time-tracking app allows you to maintain time-based invoices in your preferred currency. Of course the information is updated in real time in your online account. While companies may still be best off if they use an online invoicing service like Hiveage, it is amazing to see how many different options there are these days.

This Freshbooks video tutorial throws some more light on the time-tracking app for Android…


I have come across some good words about Harvest although I haven’t personally used it. Here’s a nice review of Harvest by someone who has actually used it and is full of praise for this Android-based time-tracking app. This is a video on how to manage your invoicing using the Harvest time-tracking app…


Someone on Twitter recommended this time-tracking app when I asked people around what sort of apps people are using for this purpose. Their company is using it and they are quite happy with its various features.

Just like any time-tracking app, actiTime has all the standard features like an ability to let the entire team track time, attach timing with invoicing, report-generation, email reminders and collaboration. But according to the person on Twitter, these features are available in almost every time-tracking app. One of the most impressive features of actiTime is its sleek user interface that seamlessly integrates with any screen size.

I couldn’t find a good video on actiTime.

Among these 5 time-tracking apps for Android that I have briefly reviewed above, there is a reason why I keep coming back to Toggl (and I think you should try it too if you haven’t) is that it has a very straightforward interface. Maybe I haven’t yet explored all its features, but the set of features that I have gone through are quite sufficient so they don’t needlessly clutter my screen or cause distractions.

So how do you feel about the 5 best Android time-tracking apps I have reviewed above? Are you using one of these time-tracking apps? What has been your opinion? Would you like to recommend another app that hasn’t been covered here? Do use the comments section to give your point of view.

Here is an additional timetracking app sent by the online marketing manager from TimeDoctor.


Time Doctor’s time tracking software helps you get a lot more done each day by helping you accurately track where your time is spent.

Its features include time tracking, optional screenshot monitor, web and app usage monitoring and a neat popup that would appear when you are distracted from work.

To make it more powerful and useful, it has integrations with the most popular project management tools out there.

Here is a video

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  1. Hi, thank you for your posting. Another useful article.
    In my work I prefer using TimeCamp. This is the automatic time-tracking software, that tracks websites and applications usage and projects and I help understand how the time is spend.Do you know that I spent 40% of my two years worktime on Gmail 🙂 ?

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