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Let’s face it – today it’s honestly getting harder and harder to find a laptop that happens to be sturdy enough to resist anything and everything – from getting dropped frequently, to spilling your drink of choice on the keyboard etc. Of course, there may come a day when your luck runs out once it falls from a considerable height as well. The moment that happens, there’s no chance of fixing it, that’s for sure. You shouldn’t write everything off though. There are issues that can can be resolved. For example, if you are having issues with the audio, you can look into something like realtek solutions to help resolve this. But the same cannot be said for other damages.

However let’s turn away from the worst possible situation and examine one possibility – contrary to popular belief, the tiny snags and problems can actually be fixed by you without the need of having to constantly rush to your laptop repair centre, unless the problem is related to data recovery and provided you have a couple of spare tools and parts lying around. All it takes is a little effort from your side and voila! The problem is solved. Here are 3 of the main fixes for your laptop :-

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  • A bad fan: This has the dual problem of being constantly annoying (as far as the noise is concerned) plus not supplying enough air, thus causing your laptop to heat up much faster than usual. If your laptop is getting hot, you might consider to look at some laptop cooling pad reviews. However it’s quite the easy repair and if things aren’t so bad, you’ll probably won’t even need to replace the fan at all.

    First of all, find the spot where fresh air comes in and hot air escapes. Then blow compressed air into the grilles. If this doesn’t work, then you’ll have to open up your system and take a proper look at the fan. There may be dust or stuff stuck in the blades of the fan as well. Turn the blade with your finger and if it makes a scratchy noise, then it’s time to replace your fan.

  • Stuck key/s: Now this is quite the irritating scenario. In most cases (with the exception of MacBooks where there is an option for individual replacement keys) you can get a keyboard for a little more than the price of a single key, which is quite expensive. Spend a bit of time trawling the web and you should be able to get a good replacement keyboard in no time.

    However, depending on the model your laptop may have a locking bar below the keyboard, so your laptop manual should have a set of instructions as to how to operate it. That way, you won’t have to spend a penny on a new keyboard or individual keys for that matter.

  • A water spill: One careless spill. This alone has sounded the death knell for most laptops out there. If it happens to be tea or any such sweetened beverage, it’s more than likely that your laptop is toast. Anything with sugar is bound to stay in your laptop for good, slowly but steadily eating away at the components. However if it’s just water, there is still a chance provided you take timely action.

    Just one thing – Whatever you do, don’t turn on your system immediately just to see if it’s still working. That is likely to cause even further damage. Tilt your laptop to drain out the water and slowly remove each component one by one and dry them out separately.

    Shaking the system to get all the water droplets out plus blowing compressed air into the vents for quicker drying do help in hastening the drying process. Once you’re doubly sure that your laptop is dry as a bone, put all your components back, fire up the system and hope for the best. Consider buying a laptop rack to store laptops in and protect them from spillage and other damage.

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When all’s said and done, you will need to keep in mind the fact that although a lot of notebooks and laptops look extremely similar to one another in terms of both external and internal hardware, nothing could be further from the truth. Looks can be quite deceiving plus this is a mistake a great deal of people tend to make. Just because it looks like the right part, need not necessarily make it so, hence you will have to do your homework and proper research on how and where to get the right part for your laptop.

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