200 million Yahoo accounts posted online, should you change your password?

200 million Yahoo accounts hacked
200 million Yahoo accounts hacked

It seems troubles for Yahoo intend to go on. Since 200 million Yahoo accounts have been posted online for sale should you change your password, just to be on a safer side? I often suggest that changing your passwords shouldn’t depend on a hacker attack, it should become a routine job. Every couple of months you should change your passwords simply because you might be using different services and sometimes, even if one service is hacked, your other services also become available. For example, all your critical passwords can be retrieved using your email ID if you’re using that particular email ID to access various services. For example, access to your bank account can be obtained using your registered email ID. So it is not important just to change your bank account passwords frequently, but also your email account password.

These days many email service providers also allow you to use your mobile phone in order to log in. Every time you log in to your email account a verification code is sent to your mobile phone as a text message. Only when you enter that verification code you can login to your account. In fact, this sort of authentication is used by most of the
Internet banking accounts.

Services like LastPass can automate the process of changing passwords routinely, although, personally I have never used this feature despite the fact that I have been using LastPass for more than two years now (their premium version).

Coming back to the 200 million Yahoo accounts posted online…

The hacker who goes by the name “Peace” says that the 200 million Yahoo accounts that he has posted on the Internet are mostly 2012 data and it includes usernames, hashed passwords, dates of birth and recovery emails. A recovery email, in case you don’t know, is the email that you submit while creating a new email account – it allows you to retrieve the password of your new email account in case you forget it or lose it.

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