12 Gmail tricks you can use right now


Gmail isn’t any other email tool, especially when you are using it for your business. I have been using the Google apps version of Gmail for many years, I mean many years, and I try to use every feature that can help me manage my emails faster, and more efficiently.

This Guardian update lists 12 Gmail tricks that you can use to turn you into a Gmail genius. Although it is a matter of opinion what makes you a genius, these 12 Gmail tricks can certainly help you use Gmail in a better way.

Some of the Gmail tricks are:

  • Change your views: You can decide how Gmail shows you your messages. It can use a “compact” view that reduces spacing around the messages. It can create more space to make the view comfortable. You can try out different views and layouts by clicking on the Settings icon (that cog icon) The drop-down allows you to switch between “comfortable”, “cozy” and “compact” views.
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  • Archive messages after sending replies: You can reduce clutter in your inbox by immediately archiving the messages you have replied to. Normally, when you have replied to a message, the message is always there in your inbox and very soon you have lots of messages. Go to Settings and then under the “General” tab scroll down a bit. In the section “Send and Archive” select the “Show Send & Archive” button in reply”. After clicking “Save Changes”, another button will appear that will allow you to immediately archive the message after you have sent a reply.
    Note: The “Send and Archive” button will appear under the reply window when you have actually created the reply.
  • Recall a message that you have sent: Gmail also has an undo function that allows you to recall a message that you have sent. This is a feature that is not mentioned in the above Guardian update. When you have just sent a message, a small “Undo” link appears at the top. If you click this link, the message won’t be sent and instead, it will be sent to the Drafts folder from where you can edit it or cancel it. It is a great feature to have and you realise its value only when some day you have to use it. Go to Settings and under the “General” tab you will find the “Undo Send” option. You can set the “Undo” time maximum till 30 seconds.

Read the remaining tricks in the above article from Guardian.

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  1. Undo send is the greatest trick ever. Also you can track if someone has read your email with such apps like Deskun.

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