10-year-old kid wins $10,000 for finding a bug in Instagram

Instagram turning into a video sharing app
10-year-old kid rewarded for finding a bug in Instagram

A 10-year-old Finnish kid has won $10,000 for deleting Instagram comments that do not belong to his own account. The boy’s name is Jani (full name has been withheld for security reasons) and proudly claims that if he wishes, he can also delete comments from Justin Bieber’s Instagram account!

Facebook has a bug bounty program that offers rewards to white hat hackers who can find a bug in its various software applications. In 2015 itself, Facebook is reported to have paid $936,000 to 210 individuals who were able to find bugs in various Facebook applications.

It’s rightly been pointed out by tech magazines how come such a young kid has an Instagram account? But well, this question is quite superficial.

The father of the 10-year-old kid who has won $10,000 for finding the bug in Instagram that enables him to delete the comments of other Instagram users says that the kid, along with his brother, routinely finds security flaws in websites to find bugs. But finding the Instagram bug has been one of the greatest feats so far.

Just to check, the Instagram team created a test account and then posted some comments. The kid was able to delete those comments in front of the team.

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