10 Best Mac Apps You Need in 2017


With the Apps revolution tasks have become easy and convenient on your mobile or computer device. Today you can find an app for any virtual task. These apps are nifty tools to help you perform tasks efficiently in much lesser time. Let’s have a look at 10 best Mac apps you will need in the year 2017.

Alfred 3: You can use this tool to perform all your tasks on your system using hotkeys, keywords, text expansions and much more without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. It helps you perform numerous tasks including calculations, browsing, web searches, find things, launch apps, open files and a lot more. It typically fills the gap between Spotlight and Siri on your Mac.

Bartender 2: You can use this app to organize and rearrange your menu bar apps and other items efficiently. It is useful when you are using too many apps and programs open on your system. You can configure this app the way you want. It helps you better organize various aspects of your system interface.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: This useful tool is effective enough to deal with abundant duplicate data on your system. It uses smart algorithms to quickly scan and find duplicate files on your system regardless of file types and formats. It offers custom comparison settings to find similar or exact looking files on your system. It offers your real-time results with utmost accuracy. This tool is highly recommended to de-duplicate your system to recover some precious storage space.

VLC Media Player: This is an open source cross-platform multimedia player. It supports all sort of files including DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs and other streaming protocols. It helps you run any type of video or another file with ease. It is useful tool due to a variety of functions it offers to its users.

The Unarchiver: This nifty tool is easy to use program that can help you unarchive a different kind of files. It can help you unarchive file formats like RAR, Zip, 7-Zip, Gzip, Tar, Bzip2 and much more. It can help you open many old file formats as well like StuffIt, ARJ, ARC etc. It also tries to detect and handle the filename encoding in the archives it opens.

Dropbox: This cloud backup utility is useful enough to access and restore your important data anywhere anytime. It helps you sync your important files between various systems and devices effortlessly. It offers a safe and effective platform to keep your important data. It is useful for both personal and organizational usage. Now you can install applications on your Mac without worrying about storage space.

Amphetamine: You can use this tool to override your energy saver settings and keep your system awake. You can select from numerous activation time presets or you can enter your own. You can activate or deactivate items with a single click in the menu bar. Further, you can use global hotkeys and allow or prevent screen saver on your system.

Flycut Clipboard Manager: You can use Flycut Clipboard Manager to manage many of your basic tasks. It stores text every time you copy it. Later you can paste this text using Shift-Command-V instantly. It helps you change hotkeys and other settings in preferences.

MainMenu: You can use this general utility tool to keep your system in shape. Using this tool, you can free up disk space, secure erased files, clean your workspace and fine-tune your mac. It offers extensive features like free up memory, clipboard history, clean cache and browser history, archive your desktop, find large files, vacuum Apple Mail Index etc.

Better Touch Tool: This feature-packed tool helps you to configure many useful gestures for your system MacBook Trackpad, Magic Trackpad, Magic Mouse including Mouse Gestures for normal mice. It allows you to configure various actions for normal mice buttons, keyboard shortcuts and for the Apple Remote. It also offers iOS Companion App (BTT Remote) to help you control your Mac system the way you want.

You can use these nifty mac apps to perform tasks more conveniently on your system. In fact, using these tools you can save a lot of your time and efforts while working on your Mac.

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