1 million people have installed Google Allo so far


Despite Edward Snowden warning everybody not to use Google Allo, 1 million people have so far gone against his advice and installed the latest instant messaging app from Google. If you are wondering what the heck is Google Allo, it is a new instant messaging app launched by, yes, Google. It’s Google’s reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

According to this 9to5Google update, Google Allo is holding the top position on the “free apps chart” in the Google Play store, despite being a “me too” app in the realm of instant messaging.

As I wrote in my previous post, these days there are so many instant messaging apps that it is not about which app to use, it is about, which app your friends, colleagues and family members are using. If Google Allo goes mainstream, that is, “millions of people” start using it, it will only be due to the presence Google has on the Internet and the sort of money it has to promote its own app.

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